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First, the glycemic index. Now the ANDI index. Constant reminders to eat well and live well.

Apr. 7th, 2010 | 08:09 pm
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Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutrient
Top 30 Super Foods Score

1. Collard, mustard, & turnip greens 1000 <-- So southern food wasn't kidding around when they have collard greens...
2. Kale 1000 <-- Huh?
3. Watercress 1000 <-- I definitely want to eat more of this
4. Bok choy 824 <-- I learned this in NutriSci 10 :)
5. Spinach 739 <-- Of course
6. Brussels sprouts 672 <-- Best with bacon fat!
7. Swiss chard 670 <-- I need to buy this and try this.. Next time I'm at the Berkeley Bowl!
8. Arugula 559 <-- Mm.
9. Radish 554 <-- Okay.
10. Cabbage 481 <-- Oh, goody.
11. Bean sprouts 444 <-- Bah. So boring.
12. Red peppers 420 <-- Ditto.
13. Romaine lettuce 389 <-- Really?
14. Broccoli 376 <-- Understandable.
15. Carrot juice 344 <-- Yay!
16. Tomatoes & tomato products 190-300 <-- I love tomatoes.
17. Cauliflower 295 <-- Good stuff.
18. Strawberries 212 <-- Eh. Let's make fresca.
19. Pomegranate juice 193 <-- The fruit is better than the fresca.
20. Blackberries 178 <-- Darn you seeds.
21. Plums 157 <-- Okay.
22. Raspberries 145 <-- Yay!
23. Blueberries 130 <-- YAY! Why are you so far down this list, blueberries? I eat you practically every day.
24. Papaya 118 <-- Yay! With milk, processed in a blender.
25. Brazil nuts 116 <-- What are these?
26. Oranges 109 <-- Goodie.
27. Tofu 86 <-- Bland.
28. Beans (all varieties) 55-70 <-- Eh. Not excited.
29. Seeds: flaxseed, sunflower, sesame 45 <-- Eh. Okay, so next time I will get the black sesame ice cream cone at Tara's Organic Ice Cream.
30. Walnuts 29 <-- Duly noted.

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Testing video embeds

Jun. 17th, 2009 | 04:15 am
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I torrented and learned to use iMovie a few nights ago to edit the raw footage Jazmin took at the Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner #4 on Thursday, June 11th, 2009 in San Francisco.

Here is how various video hosting sites are displaying the same batch of videos. I thought it was interesting to see how they differ side by side. I prefer to be able to select directly (or from a wider variety, say 10 screenshots for Facebook instead of 3 screenshots for YouTube). I also like how information is displayed on Vimeo video embeds, with Facebook video embeds information display being a close second. That being said, I think I'm going with Vimeo. Plus, people can download the file from Vimeo whereas the other video hosting services don't allow downloading the video.

Vimeo (one presentation/video)

Free account holders get 200MB of video files to upload a week
No cap on file length, really (14 minute videos are OK)
Ability to replace video easily
I can upload my own featured video screenshot or pick from 10 screenshots to choose from
Embedding video options are plentiful and super user-friendly :)

Free account holders must wait an hour before uploaded videos are posted/available online

Facebook (one presentation/video)

Maximum length of videos: 20 minutes
I can tag the speaker on Facebook to the video
Provides screenshots from the video for you to choose from for the featured video screenshot
Embedded video looks nice enough

Can't replace the video file
Can't add the video to the Facebook fan page for Girl Geek Dinners, oddly enough

YouTube (one presentation/video)

Hello, virality!
Ability to replace files easily

Maximum length of video: 10 minutes (2 of 4 speakers run over 10 minutes)
Presents only three video screenshots to choose from for the featured video screenshot

YouTube (playlist format of four presentations/videos)

All speaker presentations in one place

Nobody (including me) can intuitively figure out how to USE this embedded video player

I should probably have put all the "pros" and "cons" into a table.. Oh well, it's 5AM, no time for that :P

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Venn Diagram - Happiness in Business

Jun. 8th, 2009 | 04:24 pm


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I am missing a month of mail!

Feb. 22nd, 2009 | 07:54 pm
mood: curiouscurious

I moved out of my San Francisco apartment on Januarty 15th, 2009.

Between January 15th and February 12th, I did not have access to my mailbox at 495 Frederick St., Apt #4 in San Francisco. I didn't set up mail forwarding because I hadn't found a a new apartment yet, so I went online to set up two week-long mail holds for my mail. I think this was in vain because I could not make it to San Francisco to pick up my mail, so I assumed my mail went back to the mailbox at 495 Frederick St., Apt #4.

I finally made it to the Haight street post office yesterday, which services my 495 Frederick Street apartment. I wrote down my address and they looked and said they had nothing for me.

Currently, my mail is being forwarded to the Berkeley downtown post office using a service called "general delivery". Everything from February 12th and onward has been correctly routing to me. I walk to the downtown Berkeley post office, hand them my ID card, and collect mail sent to my 495 Frederick address. It works well.

But regardless, I am missing a month of mail which includes unemployment checks and insurance payments! My old landlord says that there is no new resident to my old SF apartment, and that the mail box is empty. The San Francisco post office has nothing for me, and the Berkeley post office only has my fresh mail but no old mail.

So where is my month of mail?

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Things to do in Oakland: Sibley Labyrinths

Dec. 10th, 2008 | 01:38 am

Cool site called "Friends of the Labyrinth" talks about the Mazzariello Labyrinth, commonly known as "Mazzariello's Maze," was originally laid out in the form of a classical labyrinth.

Located in Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, in the East Bay Regional Park District, in the hills above Oakland, California, the Mazzariello Labyrinth (also dubbed the "Volcanic Witch Project") is in a remote location, ideally suited as a place of serenity and contemplation. Those who take the time to trek the extra distance to reach the site, enter and walk the Labyrinth, pray, meditate, or simply examine the messages and talismans left in the center are rewarded with an experience that is profoundly spiritual. A total absence of clergy and congregation, the sensation is quiet and humble, yet up front and personal.

One of several labyrinths hidden in the hills of Sibley Volcanic park, in Oakland, CA, former site of various quarries, and formerly known as Round Top Park. This one has been around since the 80s. One of them purportedly since the 1940s.

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Oh, boys...

Dec. 8th, 2008 | 10:34 pm
mood: amusedamused

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London (November 5-16, 2008)

Nov. 17th, 2008 | 11:50 pm

I'd never crossed the pond before, so I was very excited and unsure what to expect. I packed lightly -- only one red coat. I intended to purchase another coat in London, but couldn't decide which to buy.

I did buy some Kate Moss dresses at Topshop at the request of my sister, and had fun buying random things at Boots pharmacy. Got some dinosaur lights from the National Science Museum, books from Waterstones and the National Portrait Museum... but mostly tried to absorb and understand central London culture. The boyfriend would say I was trying to understand their retail culture, as I tried to understand what each London store or brand represented :P

In the London Underground, 90% of women/girls were wearing black tights, black shoes, black coat, and a skirt (solid color or a flower print). Londoners are much more lithe than Americans... More fashionable on average. I tried to include people in my pictures, because you can find pictures of Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and Stonehenge anywhere.

Arriving to London -- When Obama won the election, the headline on the paper was "THE DAY AMERICA BECAME A LITTLE BIT COOL AGAIN"

London Underground -- Love the girl's big flowery bag.

Bens -- Ben and THE Big Ben.

The London Eye -- Meets my eye. Photo by Ben Young.

Hedgehog! -- Women's magazines in the UK often include a free candy bar, or maybe even a skinny belt, in the shrink-wrapped packaging. This is a typical magazine stand inside the London Underground.

Westminster Abbey -- Around Remembrance Day. Photo by Ben Young.

Inside the London Eye -- Excited having spotted the Gherkin building (it's over my shoulder in the picture). Photo by Ben Young.

Inside the London Eye -- Obligatory picture of typical London style - black tights, black boots, a flower print dress, and a dark coat.

St. James Park -- Squirrel!

St. James Park -- Bird Feeding Area.

St. James Park -- Knotty tree.

Buckingham Palace -- Obligatory tourist photo. Photo by Ben Young

No Exits -- There are only ways out of the London Underground.

Stars Blanketing Streets -- The commerce streets by Piccadilly Circus, et al.

Tea at Liberty -- Nice china... expensive afternoon tea.

V&A -- Models being photographed in the museum while museum visitors stare.

V&A -- A bench very reminiscent of Cinderella coach/pumpkin.

V&A -- Love the wrought iron collection -- England has such beautiful decorative touches to their houses and neighborhoods!

V&A -- Lots of old things and/or their replicas at the V&A.

Portobello Road -- Cute wire-frame mannequins.

Get your own glasses! -- Bar on Portobello Road.

L'Autre Pied -- Sat between a backlit flower-printed wall/panel, and apparently a nice back room.

Little door -- There are a lot of little doors in England. Photo by Ben Young.

Harrods -- Ben amuses himself while sitting outside the changing rooms at Harrods. Photo by Ben Young.

Harrods -- Fish for cat.

Monkey: Journey to the West -- Saw the bizarre opera at the O2. Photo by Ben Young.

Tower Bridge -- Walking on the bridge looking up at the tower. Photo by Ben Young.

Hibiscus -- Lunch started with a complimentary drink (top left) that was foamy and exquisite.

Hibiscus -- They branded their knife. I forgot what my entree was, but that blimp/football shaped green mush (under the dark green cracker) was really damn good.

Kew Gardens -- Waterlily house.

Kew Gardens -- Want a Waterlily House in my freaking backyard. Photo by Ben Young.

Kew Gardens -- One last picture in the Waterlily House.

Wicked -- Saw Wicked in the Apollo Victoria Theatre.

Outside Arbutus -- We had lunch at Arbutus, which we liked so much that we went to its sister restaurant Wild Honey for dinner.

Wild Honey -- Yes, that's wild honey ice cream on a bed of crushed honeycomb. Delicious, but seriously, why does a lot of my food have to come in the shape of a blimp or football? Could they not make balls, but only blimps?

Cow-spotted garbage -- Spotted somewhere on the street. We were wandering in central London looking for how to access 30 St. Mary Axe.

30 St. Mary Axe -- AKA the Swiss Re Tower or the Gherkin. I love this building so much -- was super excited to see it in person after seeing pictures in magazines and its brief appearance in Match Point.

Trafalgar Square -- Fountains, Nelson's Column, and no pigeons due to rain. Photo by Ben Young.

Trafalgar Square -- Chris, it was too cold to stomp through the fountains at Trafalgar Square! Photo by Ben Young.

King's Cross Station -- In front of our First Capital Connect train to visit Cambridge, with Upper Crust baguette sandwich and white coffee in hand. Breakfast!

Cambridge -- Watching the punter guide the tourists on boat through the River Cam on the Cambridge campus. Photo by Ben Young.

Cambridge -- A green field on the Cambridge campus. Maybe you can actually walk on this one, because you can't walk on the grass in the courtyards! Photo by Ben Young.

Cambridge -- Pretty campus attracts myriad tourists.

Cambridge -- Magnificent and very, very old. Photo by Ben Young.

Cambridge -- Resting my feet. Photo by Ben Young.

Cambridge -- Looking at the forbidden grass. You can't walk on the grass in the courtyards.

Cambridge -- Sweaty Betty next to a picturesque street in Cambridge.

Cambridge -- Really old and pretty cathedral on campus.

Cambridge -- Afternoon tea in Cambridge.

Cambridge -- Afternoon tea in Cambridge included potato waffles.

Cambridge -- Store selling Cath Kidston - Vintage inspired prints popular in England.

Tour Bus to Stonehenge -- Everyone is taking pictures out of the bus.

English Countryside -- Sheep dot the pastures en route to Stonehenge.

Stonehenge -- ... And a long line of tourists.

Stonehenge -- Being gracious tourists at the prehistoric site.

Stonehenge -- More obligatory tourist pictures. Photo by Ben Young.

Ben Young & Co. -- Ben took this picture of us at Stonehenge.

Stonehenge -- Ben's brother Johnny, Ben, and me posting in front of Stonehenge. We got another tourist to take this picture of us.

Electrified Fence -- Poor sheep.

Sad Portraiture -- Reminds me of a Hendrik Kerstens portrait.

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Geek out with Legos

Sep. 21st, 2008 | 03:35 pm

When GirlHack Twittered if anyone else had Paradisa Legos as a kid, I responded "Yes!" and then Frances answered affirmatively as well.

Legos are awesome for little girls. So are XO laptops and the Alice game for teaching young 'uns to program.

Poolside Paradise (1992)

Seaside Cabana (1992)

Ah, memories. Spent some time digging thru the OldLego.com website and found that my sister and I also played with these sets:

Central Precinct HQ (1993)

Emergency Treatment Center (1987)

Battery Train Set (1985)

--- What Legos did you have growing up? What are the best and most fun games for kids? Bonus points if they expand your intellectual capacity.

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If you had a wedding at the San Francisco Zoo, this is what it would look like.

Aug. 12th, 2008 | 12:55 am

What happens when two child-at-heart members of the videogame journalism industry get married?

The result? -- A wedding at the San Francisco Zoo with live animals with trainers, acoustic version of Portal's (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) "Still Alive" during the ceremony, Rock Band, a photobooth, a Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" entrance, a nighttime carousel ride, Hungy Hungry Hippos centerpieces, a farewell/goodnight RickRoll, a giant lollipop bouquet, and a first dance to a song from Stubbs the Zombie (Xbox) ("Strangers in the Night" by Cake), and Fisher Price Zoo cake.

I love this ENTIRE wedding photo album. It's amazing, and has includes some animals (armadillo, tortoise... unfortunately no picture of the ferret present at the wedding).

Thanks Annie for the head's up on this cool picture set. A wedding at a zoo does sound fun, but in the far flung future :P

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This is what happens when you offer your tiny apartment up for a Women 2.0 Mixer

Jul. 31st, 2008 | 08:42 pm

Crowded Women 2.0 wine & cheese mixer held in my living room on Wednesday, July 30, 2008. There's Arielle Scott in the yellow shirt and black cardigan, and judging by the wavy black hair and sporty jacket in the picture, I'm going to guess she's talking to Annie Chang (not my sister, the other Annie Chang) who co-founded LOLapps.

I live at the corner of Frederick and Stanyan -- above a Thai restaurant -- see the street sign outside? Yep! When I had dozens of girls squeezed into my living room, I had mental images of what it would look like if we burst through the ground of my old Victorian building and wound up in the Thai restaurant downstairs, picking ourselves off each other in an apologetic way. Everyone was so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and eager to meet and greet, and SO INSPIRED by everyone else who also happen to have a day job AND a night job...

There's my new shorter haircut! Shaherose and I stood on the couch to get everyone's attention. Women 2.0 co-founders make introductions, then we make everyone introduce themselves. We always get sucha diverse, interesting crowd!

They're standing in front of my feminist library/bookshelf. I was happily surprised when Linda Yang (middle) started asking things like what I thought about Manifesta and Feministing.com. She lives nearby so I wound up lending her a book by Maureen Dowd that happened to be in my bookshelf (my sister bought the book and left it in the apartment after she moved out.)

These women care about quality wine and good food -- and since they're so awesome, they always bring interesting or home-made foodstuff with them. For example, I only bought 5 bricks of cheese from Andronico's for the mixer. At the end of the night, I was looking at 9 bricks of cheese, home-baked bread with fruit and nuts, eggrolls, a pair of shiny new shoes from Shirley Lin, and colorful coasters for stemmed glasses. Seriously awesome women are in Women 2.0.

That's my flatmate Curtis Chambers cooking up a storm in the kitchen. He does that, and he's very good at it. He made fresh avocado and tomato bruschetta for the mixer! But probably most importantly to the girls, he's a software developer at Akamai and very good at what he does. I hear some women are looking for developers, co-founders, Internet marketing gigs...

Just before she heads out, Neha Sampat shows off her Italy Girl Geek Dinners shirt because she knows I do Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners. She's friends with the organizer of Girl Geek Dinners in Italy, and super nice. Maybe she will get VMware (where she works) to sponsor a Girl Geek Dinner here! That would be awesome.

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